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The Curls Club was founded to give every woman a healthier and more accessible alternative to curling irons and heat styling devices. We are so used to styling our hair and damaging it almost daily and have forgotten that our hair is the one crown we never take off. Our hair deserves better.  Without using any heat, achieve soft, lustrous curls that remain smooth and silky. I also created the original curling kit to save us time. While we get our beauty sleep, we can now style our hair and even save time in the morning! Use the ribbon overnight or during the day while cooking or working; it's super comfortable on your head.  As a very busy person that travels a lot, I designed it to be portable and washable. Now there is no need to carry around a heavy styling device in your luggage. I specifically chose different pastel tones to match your taste as the scrunchies and hair claws can be used as stylish accessories. 

I hope you love it as much as I do.


The Curls Club Founder

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