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The fastest way to curl your hair without damage! Introducing our new Express Curler. The Curler is filled with gel pearls and can be heated in the microwave or a waterbath.  Achieve soft, lustrous curls that remain smooth and silky within 30 minutes without any heat damage. 


The Kit:

The kit includes one curling ribbon, two scrunchies, two hair clips, one heat protection bag and one satin bag. The ribbon is 100 cm long and can be used on a variety of hair lengths. 



Curls in 30 minutes 

prevents hair damages and breakages

small and portable 

Reduces frizz 

Odorless and hypoallergenic

leaves your hair smooth, shiny, and hydrated


due to lighting situations, colors may differ slightly. 

Express Curler

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  • 1. Place the Express Curler into the heat protection bag. 

    2. Place the bag and the curler into the microwave and set to 30 seconds. 

    3. If the curler is not warm, place it into the microwave again. If the curler is too hot, let it cool off for a few minutes. 

    4. Secure the curler with the two hair clips. 

    5. Wrap your hair around the curler and secure each end with a scrunchie 

    6. Leave the curler in for 30 minutes. 

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