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The perfect combo for everyday hairstyling at home or on the go. This set includes our hair comb made of biodegradable acetate designed to detangle your hair gently and our bamboo paddle brush that offers your hair a noticeably brighter and healthier look and has a natural and luxurious feel. For easy storage the set comes with a matching Curls Club dustbag. 


Benefits Brush: 

  •  pure bamboo anti-bacterial and anti-microbial
  • biodegradable acetate finish
  • reduces frizz
  • natural rubber cushion base
  •  beeswax finish
  • gentle yet firm bristles
  • Suitable for all hair lengths and types


Benefits Comb:

  • Sustainable, biodegradable acetate 
  • reduces frizz
  • waterproof
  • Odorless and hypoallergenic
  • Suitable for all hair lengths and types.
  • small and portable


Each item is unique. Please note that the acetate color pattern may vary.

Sky Blue Comb & Brush Set

SKU: CB002
€48.00 Regular Price
€44.00Sale Price
Sales Tax Included
Farbe: Sky Blue
  • Comb:
    Material: biodegradable Acetate 
    Dimensions: 8,5 cm x 5 cm
    Material: Bamboo base, biodegradable Acetate back, natural rubber cushion, bamboo bristles 
    Dimensions: 25 cm x 8,5 cm

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